Baby Bird's powers

This is not a baby blog but sometimes the subject of the babe will make an appearance. Since our Baby Bird’s arrival on April 21, this special guy has captured every piece of my heart and filled every minute of my days. His power over us is something that only new parents could relate to; I had absolutely no idea the extent till 24 days ago. At first, a part of me wanted to try to take back the power and introduce some kind of schedule but it’s really all about what’s going on with him. We swaddle, unswaddle, breastfeed, burp, attempt bottle feeding, change diapers, place him in the bassinet, the crib, the stroller, the car seat - which will help him sleep? I love taking care of him and it exhausts me and I question how these contradictory emotions can coexist so comfortably. His powers are limitless: since he got here I laugh, I adore, I cry with happiness, exhaustion, elation, frustration and sheer wonder. As far as I know, there is no drug like it.

It turns out our Baby Bird has other powers too. Somehow he’s made me a better person. He’s made me more patient and more empathetic. He’s given me even more appreciation for the awesome capabilities of the female body. He’s made me appreciate every second and observe as much as I can. He’s made me realize how resilient I am, how strong I am, and how much love I have to give. With all his power, he’s made me a Mother.

Wishing all the mamas out there a (belated) happy Mother's day!

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